Disability Inclusion in the Media

An important part of raising awareness and acceptance for people with disabilities is making their stories part of popular culture. Doing this will encourage society to move towards disability inclusion. Here, we take a look at television shows or movies that have successfully made the move towards disability inclusion. American sitcom Speechless, following the experiences […]

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Microsoft Technology for Gamers with Disabilities

We’ve talked about technology that can assist you in your home, but what about entertainment? If you’re living with a disability, you may need personalised technology solutions to suit your individual needs. At the moment, the options are limited, expensive and hard to find. This is about to change. Microsoft have announced the Xbox Adaptive […]

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Newcastle City Council’s Disability Inclusion Action Plan Explained

Newcastle City Council (NCC) is striving towards Newcastle becoming an accessible and inclusive society for all members of the community. Newcastle City Council’s Disability Inclusion Action Plan is a four year framework (2016-2019) outlining the key strategies and action areas to be delivered by Council in its commitment to disability access and inclusion in Newcastle. […]

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Technology That Can Assist You in Your Home

An incredible array of innovative technology is available to help you remain independent and safe in your home.  The smart technology gives older people more confidence in their ability to live alone, and it’s helping many families avoid or delay the heart-wrenching decision to move an aging parent from his or her home to a […]

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