The Marvel Cinematic Universe: a Fight Against Ableism

October 10, 2018 Living with a Disability

Pop-culture blockbusters are challenging prejudices such as ableism and racism by reshaping society’s perception of post-humanism. Ableism (sometime spelt ablism) refers to discrimination in favour of ‘able-bodied’ people and is at the root of a lot of the prejudice and stigma around disability. Ableism makes an assumption about what is normal, superior, and ultimately what it […]

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Get Your Ribbon On: National Amputee Awareness Week

October 3, 2018 Living with a Disability

Wear a green ribbon in support of Australian amputees and people with limb loss this week, from October 4 – 11th. Limbs 4 Life is a charity organisation dedicated to empowering amputees. Limbs 4 Life have been sending out green ribbons so people all around Australia can embrace National Amputee Awareness Week together. According to […]

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