Who is ConnectAbility Australia?

Who we are

ConnectAbility Australia was founded in 1992 by a group of community members and families to meet the needs of people with significant disabilities. Determined to provide opportunities for people requiring high levels of support to access community based resources, facilities and services they established Newcastle Community Access. In 2010 after consultation with participants, families, carers and staff the service was renamed ConnectAbility Australia to better reflect our values, vision and mission.

In 2015 ConnectAbility Australia announced a strategic amalgamation with Jesmond Connected Communities that will enable both organisations to expand their support services for local people trough offering a wider range of services.

ConnectAbility continues to be inspired by the uniqueness of the individual needs of its participants and it is this that is driving ConnectAbility to grow and diversify the services we provide.

ConnectAbility Warabrook

ConnectAbility, from Warabrook, delivers a participant-centred model that supports people with disabilities to live the life that they want. We provide a broad range of personalised supports to approximately 200 people, ranging in age from 7 to 85 with both physical and intellectual disabilities. ConnectAbility participants reside throughout Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Port Stephens, Maitland and other Lower Hunter local government areas.

Our supports focus on assisting participants achieve their goals, dreams and aspirations.

Current activities include;

  • further education and training
  • volunteer work
  • community and social participation.

ConnectAbility can also assist you with in-home personal care and domestic assistance. ConnectAbility services include;

  • personal hygiene and domestic assistance
  • shopping and meal preparation
  • assistance with medication management
  • social supports and respite care both in-home and in the community.

We look at creating meaningful relationships and true inclusion for people within the community.

ConnectAbility Jesmond

Through Jesmond we offer;

  • hall hire at our Jesmond and Silveridge centres
  • attend a playgroup, school vacation programs or social groups.
  • We also offer a friendship group where older community members are able to gather on a Friday for lunch and entertainment or travel to the community.
  • Older people are also able to access in home supports through basic domestic assistance and transport assistance to access appointments and shopping.
  • Jesmond also has trained Adolescent and family counsellors on site that can assist young people 9 to 18 years and their families with a variety of issues.

ConnectAbility values all our partners who support us to support local people within their communities. We actively seek community and corporate supports and partners to further enhance opportunities and outcomes and would love to hear from anyone who may be able to assist in making a difference for a local person.

ConnectAbility Australia is a not for profit incorporated association, and is registered as a gift deductible recipient with tax charity concessions. We are governed by a Board consisting of volunteer community and consumer representatives.

Empowering People to Achieve – The NDIS and You

ConnectAbility Australia believes every person is entitled to the best life possible. We treat each person as an individual and understand and acknowledge that you come to us with a history and a desired future. ConnectAbility welcomes all people whatever your dreams, aspirations and goals might be.

ConnectAbility provides supports under the National Disability Insurance scheme (NDIS) and many of our current and future participants have transitioned to the NDIS. When you commence with ConnectAbility, or following your yearly NDIS review ConnectAbility will work alongside you to achieve the life you choose to live.

Through our innovative and flexible approach, together with the people that are important to you, we can create a schedule of activities and supports that match your interests and needs. You may like to be an office worker, gardener, artist, car detailer, pet shop assistant or volunteer in the community. You may like to spend time exercising at the local gym, spend time at a local club, go sailing, play wheelchair rugby league or go for lunch with friends. You might need assistance with household tasks, shopping, personal care or to develop life skills to live independently in the community. Alternatively you may want assistance with planning or supports for your holiday. What else might you need or choose to do that ConnectAbility can assist you with?

Our aim is to give you your life, your way, connecting and engaging with people you like and like being with you. Let us listen to your goals and aspirations, your strengths, your abilities and the goals you dream of achieving in the future. Together we can make your dreams a reality!

ConnectAbility will get you into the community to pursue your passions and interests. In this way you can explore your local neighbourhood and community to identify opportunities to connect and build meaningful relationships, make new friends and be in control of your life. We can assist you to surround yourself with friends and people who care about you, supporting you to achieve.

People of all ages come to our service, so we will help you put together a support schedule that fits with what is important to you and the stage of your life.

All our support opportunities are underpinned by the Disability Inclusion Act (2014), the National Disability Service Standards and the principles of person centred planning.

Please contact ConnectAbility to discuss taking the next step in achieving the life you want to live.

ConnectAbility continues to be funded by the NSW Dept of Human Services, Ageing, Disability and Home Care (ADHC) and is auspiced to provide supports to people who are recipients of funding through:

  • Community Participation
  • Active Ageing
  • Life Choices

For more information you can contact ConnectAbility to find out how we can help you!