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What are Daily Living Skills?

Most daily living skills, like preparing food and taking care of our bodies, need to be completed on a regular basis to maintain a good

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NDIS: A Quick overview

So you may have heard people talking about the NDIS, but you don’t really know much about them, what services and support are offered and

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How blind people use the internet

The assistive technology, software and thoughtful website development that helps blind and visually impaired people use the internet Most people will never need to consider

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The Facts on Spina Bifida

Spina Bifida Awareness Week encourages us to look at the Spina Bifida facts, and celebrate our Spina Bifida community Each year the first week of

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Living with Anxiety

If you have or know someone that suffers from anxiety you will know that this is as much a physical illness as well as mental

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Can you hear us?

Are you noticing any changes in your hearing? We take a look at the signs of hearing loss and what to do about hearing change.

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Living with chronic pain

3.24 million people in Australia suffer from chronic pain, which has a substantial impact on their quality of life and inhibits their ability to do

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My Aged Care

How to get help at home, what kind of home care is available and who can help you organise the best home care solution Most

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What is Community Care?

The different types of health and care services that make up community care, and how to make sure you’re getting access to what you need

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Bowel Cancer Awareness Month

The month of June is Bowel Cancer Awareness month here in Australia, this month long initiative is designed to help bring awareness to Australia’s second

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Working for ConnectAbility

“Your Opportunity to Make a Difference” What does ConnectAbility stand for? ConnectAbility are a long-standing disability and aged care support service, who have provided assistance

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Jesmond Community Hub

What is it and where? The Jesmond Community Hub, also known as the Jesmond Neighbourhood Centre, is located at 44 Mordue Parade, Jesmond. The hub

disability services, aged care support, in home aged care, family counselling

April Falls Day

As we age, it is a well-known fact that our bodies steadily but surely deteriorate. Every year, one in three adults over the age of

Harmony Day, disability services, aged care support, in home aged care, family counselling

Harmony Day

“everyone belongs” 21st March 2020 Harmony Day is a day to celebrate Australia’s diversity.  It is a day of cultural respect for everyone who calls

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Unity Kitchens Charity Golf Day 2020

Supporting ConnectAbility Australia and REACH Homeless Services It’s that time of year again. Enjoy a sensational day of networking, fun and non-stop golfing experiences. Friday,

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Golf Day

Charlestown Golf Club will hold the fourth annual ConnectAbility golf day, proudly sponsored by Unity Kitchens, is set to achieve more things than just a

Melanoma March, disability services, aged care support, in home aged care, family counselling

Melanoma March

  Melanoma is the third most common cancer in Australia, that affects both men and woman, and the most common cancer that affects the 15

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