Berry Park Property (A)


Berry Park Property (A) – 2 vacancies on offer

This Berry Park property is co-located on a large rural block surrounded by picturesque country side. It is only a 15 minutes to Maitland shopping district. There is a vehicle located at the home so that residents can easily access both appointments and social outings. The home is large, open plan and purpose built to take advantage of the location.

The home is co-located with another Connectability residence. There are horses in the paddock next door which residents can pat and feed. The home has five bedrooms, two large communal living areas, a large back yard with a swing set for customers use and a bbq area. This home has durable finishes and is fully accessible.

The current residents, who are young men, like to be outside and enjoy the space and peace that this home offers. One resident is a keen Knights fan and loves to watch the games, while another loves to listen to music. This home would suit someone who needs more social assistance from supportive staff to live the life they choose.

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