Seniors Social Club

The ConnectAbility provides social support through our friendship club. This group enjoys morning tea, nourishing lunches and a variety of activities such as entertainers and guest speakers.
Friendship Club | friendship club

Make new friends through our Friendship Club

Enjoy connecting with new people, or re-connecting with old friends through our services. Whether you’re wanting a relaxed morning tea, or an exciting activity, ConnectAbility provides a space for special friendships to form.
Friendship Club | friendship club

Friends are important at every stage of life an it’s never too late to make new friends!

Within our Friendship Club you can find people who share the same interests as you. Having a shared passion will give you lots to talk about and is a great way to establish a connection. Whether that’s sharing recipes, talking about your favorite sports teams, photography, history, gardening, dancing, whatever it may be, the Friendship Club is a great way to socialize and create special connections with people.

ConnectAbility offer a range of services to help you remain socially active and provide opportunities to follow your passions and interests, while forming new friendships.

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