Unity Kitchens Charity Golf Day 2020

ConnectAbility Australia

Supporting ConnectAbility Australia and REACH Homeless Services

It’s that time of year again. Enjoy a sensational day of networking, fun and non-stop golfing experiences. Friday, March 13th, 2020 is the Unity Kitchens Charity Golf Day supporting ConnectAbility Australia and REACH Homeless Services to be held at the beautiful Charlestown Golf Club. It’s a day of fun filled experiences with support and funds raised going to assist the monumental efforts of the staff at ConnectAbility Australia and providing essential supplies to the REACH Homeless Services.

Unity Kitchens Charity Golf Day 2020 | Golf

Why Golf?

Golf is an all-around relaxing and enjoyable sport. Not only is it great physical exercise to improve cardiovascular health, golf can be a fun experience for the whole family. It is a chance to challenge yourself and gain new skills, as well as make new friends.

The Charity Golf Day, held at Charlestown Golf Club is a chance for businesses to put their best club forward in teams of 4, improve on their golfing skills and improve networking and business relationships, all while supporting a very worthy cause.

Where does your golfing dollar go?

Where does your golfing dollar go?

ConnectAbility Australia

ConnectAbility Australia has been supporting people throughout the Hunter Region for over 25 years. They are focused on developing relationships, the strengths and the abilities of people living with disabilities, living in aged care and offering family support and counselling services. ConnectAbility has a strong community focus and is driven by the need to make the lives of individuals better and help achieve individual goals by offering support in numerous ways.

ConnectAbility Australia currently has 45 cars and vans out on the road that pick-up customers from the homes and drop them at various locations around the region to participate in skill building, educational and social activities. The supporting funds from the Charity Golf Day keep the wheels on the road and provide customers with the ongoing resources they need to make their lives better. Without this support, many would spend their days cooped up inside their homes, with no social interaction. This support makes the world accessible, inclusive and turns the impossible to possible for people living in these circumstances. The generosity from the Golf Day helps individuals learn skills, grow independently and become an active member of their community.

REACH Homeless Services

REACH Homeless Services is a group of volunteers in Newcastle actively supporting individuals living on the streets. They provide a regular place, centralised in the Newcastle CBD where individuals affected by homelessness, drugs and alcohol, mental health issues or loneliness can gain support. They provide free supplies such as water, blankets, hygiene products, survival packs and offer referral opportunities to other health and welfare organisations where affected individuals can gain further support. The activities of REACH benefit the wider community by helping reduce the incidents of alcohol abuse and antisocial behaviour, while reducing the burden on the public welfare system. This process of rehabilitation empowers homeless individuals to take control and become independent and proactive members of the Newcastle community.

The support from the Charity Golf Day allows REACH Homeless Services access to much needed supplies such as water, clothing, blankets, hygiene products, first aid services and hair cutting services, as well as providing volunteering opportunities to get affected individuals active in the community.

Unity Kitchens Charity Golf Day 2020 | Golf

Come and hit a hole in one and support your local community

Come down and support your local community organisations so that they can keep doing amazing work in our community. Enjoy a relaxing day on the green and feel gratification knowing that all proceeds with be donated to ConnectAbility Australia and REACH Homeless Services. For further information about the playing in the Charity Golf Day, or to become a sponsor, contact Unity Building Solutions today.

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