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Stuart's Story

Stuart – In HIS own words
A long term resident in Supported Independent Living with ConnectAbility and also attending activities through the day (twice weekly) Stuart felt he needed to share insights on how he views ConnectAbility.
Stuart has recently sat on interview panels for new staff and showed surprising insight into what made a great worker from his perspective – very helpful indeed for ConnectAblity who want to have staff that are customer focused and put customer choice and control at the top of their mindsets. The Brenda that Stuart refers to (frequently) in the video is Brenda, our Senior Leader for our Supported Independent Living. Brenda has built a great relationship with Stuart over the years and he knows he can come and see her whenever he wishes as do many of our customers. We provide an open door policy for all customers so that any issues, feedback or stories can be shared.
Thanks to Stuart for his input and continued support.

What If… A video

This video was produced by a local family whose son was born with cerebral palsy and deals with how as a mother going through the emotions of giving birth to her son with a disability how scared and overwhelmed she felt.  She kept dreaming What If  her son “Gets  Better” which deep down she knew he wouldn’t.  Then one day she realised that he was perfect the way he was!  This film has won numerous awards.

Disclaimer: Video Contains Reference To Drug Use

Protecting our customers and staff - Coronavirus (COVID - 19)

June 2020

ConnectAbility continues to remain vigilant in our management of the COVID-19 outbreak in order to protect the health and wellbeing of our customers, families, staff and all stakeholders even with the easing of restrictions within the community.

We continue to follow the guidelines set out by Government and Department of Health and to monitor the changes and impacts from easing of restrictions. We have been updating our COVID-19 Management Plan and protocols and will continue to maintain our increased cleaning and use of PPE equipment. We encourage all our customers to continue to maintain strict hygiene measures including frequent handwashing and social distancing. These measures will assist us all to remain COVID-19 free.

During the emergence of COVID-19 ConnectAbility saw some customers cease supports. As restrictions ease we will be talking to those customers about how supports can be returned to pre COVID – 19 supports. I know many customers are looking forward to meeting up with friends and being supported to maintain their independence and community connections once more.

The change back to normal supports will be done gradually and with the health and safety of everyone being considered. You can assist us in keeping our staff and other customers safe by letting us know if you are showing any signs of illness or have had direct contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID- 19. To date we have been extremely fortunate that we have had no staff or customers test positive for the virus.

As per previous communication please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or to clarify any issues you may have. We will remain committed to providing quality and continued supports to all our customers in the weeks ahead.

ConnectAbility’s Golf Day is this Friday proudly supported by Mick O’ Shea from Unity Kitchens – our major sponsor. The day will be a fun way for our corporate and community supporters to raise much needed fundraising dollars to assist ConnectAbility purchase resources such as technology and transport opportunities.

Mick is joined by the following businesses who are committed to making a difference in our community and seeing their investment make a direct impact upon the lives of our customers. A huge thank you to all our HEROS.

Major Sponsor – Mick O’Shea – Unity Kitchens

Drink Cart Sponsor – Jock Whyte – Newcastle Office Interiors

Lunch Sponsor – David Hubbard – Cinch Financial services

Golf organiser extraordinaire  – Kerry Houghton – Jims Carpet Cleaning

Hole Sponsors

DABS Plumbing

Farrelly Construction Services

Foundation Leadership

Go with the Flow Air Conditioning

Jims Carpet Cleaning

Juice Plus

Newcastle Toyota

NUVO Communications

Queens Wharf Hotel

Safehands Property Management

Smallman Security

Also to the team at Jezweb and Von from YCM photography for capturing the action and memories.

Thank you also to all the players coming along to assist ConnectAbility help achieve goals and dreams.

These businesses deserve our support – Next time you are looking for a service take a look at  those who give back. And to those who have donated prizes we are so very thankful for your involvement.

We believe every person is entitled to the best life possible.

ConnectAbility Australia treat each person as an individual and understand and acknowledge that you come to us with a history and a desired future. ConnectAbility welcomes all people whatever your dreams, aspirations and goals might be.

ConnectAbility Australia want customers to enjoy a brighter and more enjoyable environment.

disability services, aged care support, in home aged care, family counselling


We create fulfilling opportunities for people and communities through our passion.

disability services, aged care support, in home aged care, family counselling


Empowering people to achieve their goals, dreams and aspirations.

disability services, aged care support, in home aged care, family counselling


The respect we have for people and community gives us the opportunity to build for today and grow for tomorrow.

Our values in practice approach supports ConnectAbility in providing a flexible, person centred and quality Family counselling services, disability services, aged care support to all our customers, families and stakeholders where the customer is the centre of our business.

If you’d like to know more about the Family counselling services, disability services, aged care support and community programs Connect Ability Australia offer, please contact us.
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