5 Helpful Blogs for Families Living with Disability

5 Helpful Blogs for Families Living with Disability

Over 4.4 million people in Australia have some form of disability, which equates to 1 in 5, and approximately 850,000 of those are children.

Being a parent or carer to a child with a disability can be tough and demanding at times. Blogs and website are a good place to reach out for advice and valuable information, these online communities help to support each other through times of despair and times of true joy.

Where can we find support?

Source Kids

Source Kids is Australia’s first magazine for parents, carers, families, professionals, and teachers working with children with a disability. Delivering up-to-date information on a wide range of topics, that are suitable and relevant for families who are caring for children who have a disability.

With access to an online magazine, which has editions every 3 months, blogs, information and advice, this website is a great place to get started. Source Kid Disability Expo is on 19-20 September 2020 at the International Convention Centre, Darling Harbour, and is sure to be an amazing and informative event for both service providers and families. https://www.sourcekids.com.au/

5 Helpful Blogs for Families Living with Disability | Disability


Parker Myles

Kat is a mother of two, who has a child with Down Syndrome. This personal blog is about her thoughts, feelings, challenges, social issues, and interaction with people in her community since her son was born.  With over 23,000 people following their journey through their Facebook page, reaching out and getting in touch is easier than ever before. http://parkermyles.com/

5 Helpful Blogs for Families Living with Disability | Disability

Disability Thinking

If you are looking to get your head stuck into some serious articles and disability issues, this is the blog for you. The purpose of Disability Thinking is to explore disability, culture, language, reading, writing, politics, policy, and activism. Andrew D. Pulrang is the author of this blog and living with arthrogryposis, a condition that has an assortment of effects on his body. With blogs uploaded weekly, it offers a wealth of knowledge, articles, and resources for families and people with disabilities, with hard-hitting topics regularly discussed. http://disabilitythinking.com/disabilitythinking/

5 Helpful Blogs for Families Living with Disability | Disability

Positive Special Needs Parenting

Kirsty Russel is the lady behind Positive Special Needs Parenting, she describes herself as an author, speaker, consultant, wife, special needs parent, taxi driver, personal assistant, hostage negotiator, private chef, and anything else that is required when you are a mum taking care of a family. She began to write this blog in 2011, to share her experiences and help other parents through what may be a very difficult and lonely time following their child’s diagnosis and the changes that surround that for the whole family. This blog has now developed into a website, which helps bring parents together to support and interact with each other through their own personal experiences, along their journeys. https://positivespecialneedsparenting.com/

5 Helpful Blogs for Families Living with Disability | Disability

Have Wheelchair Will Travel

This is an uplifting and informative blog, about a family that share their traveling experiences, tips and advice about travelling with a child with a disability, by helping you plan and research your holiday. Travelling with children can be a daunting experience at the best of times, but those families who have the added concerns: will their child cope with the journey, will they be accommodated, how will they get on the plane in a small airport, and how all this will happen when they don’t have the support and equipment they use on a daily basis at home, to name just a few.

This inspiring blog proves that with planning and will, there can always be a way to make that trip come to life. There is so much that can be achieved if we remain positive and hopefully, resilient and brave. With so many locations and types of holidays included in this blog, it will get you planning your next trip with enthusiasm. https://havewheelchairwilltravel.net/

If you would like more information, resources and community help then ConnectAbility is here to help, with Aged Care and Disability Support Services in Newcastle and Central Coast areas. Providing opportunities and challenges to enrich those peoples lives who live with a disability and providing family counselling for other members of the family.

5 Helpful Blogs for Families Living with Disability | Disability

Please contact us on 02 4962 1000 for more information.

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