6 Best Apps for people living with a Disability

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The top apps to help with communication and daily routines

6 Best Apps for people living with a Disability

With thousands of people in New South Wales living with a range of disabilities and special needs, it’s important to know how we can take advantage of technology to improve health and quality of life.

There is no shortage of mobile applications out there that offer benefits to those with disabilities, but we decided to choose the 6 most useful mobile applications which users all throughout Australia have benefitted from.

We’ve included a mix of both Android and Apple apps for those who are visually impaired, have hearing impairments or need assistance with communication.

Petralex allows you to transform your smartphone or tablet into a fully functional hearing enhancement device for those with mild to moderate hearing loss.

The application comes with many helpful features including a hearing test, automatic settings, speech recognition, acoustic amplification and dynamic compression as well as a number of advanced options.

Available on: iOS and Android

What it costs: Free

Who it’s for: People with mild to moderate hearing loss.

6 Best Apps for people living with a Disability | Apps

Be My Eyes

Be My Eyes was created by Hans Jorgen Wiberg in 2015 and connects volunteers with blind or visually impaired people in need of help to navigate everyday tasks such as identifying the colour of an item of clothing or reading the expiration date printed on food packaging.

Many visually impaired or blind people depend on video calling their friends and family for assistance but with the use of Be My Eyes, users can gain more independence while not having to rely on personal relationships.

Available on: iOS and Android

What it costs: Free

Who it’s for: People who are visually impaired or blind.


Completing daily living activities can sometimes be a challenge for those with special needs. Choiceworks is an application that teaches children about daily routines and makes completing them easier.

The application is based on a visual support system and focuses on essential daily living tasks such as preparing for bed, attending appointments, sharing, making choices and understanding their emotions.

Through a child-friendly calendar, the app helps to build up children’s confidence in their abilities and encourages independence, emotional management and positive behaviour.

Available on: iOS

What it costs: $22.99

Who it’s for: Choiceworks is for users with autism spectrum disorders, or any children who need help for scheduling, managing time or improving patience.


HelpTalk assists people who are unable to communicate orally or through writing to express their basic needs. The app allows users to create sets of actions that represent their common communication needs for day-to-day life, doctor appointments, travelling, studying, etc.

If the user cannot find the expression that they need, the “Talk” screen in the application can be used to write any sentence needed and saves the most common phrases, so the sentence will appear after writing just a few characters.

Available on: Android

What it costs: Free

Who it’s for: HelpTalk is suitable for people with aphasia, who are tracheotomised, ventilated with endotracheal tube, muteness, autism, illiterate, children etc.

6 Best Apps for people living with a Disability | Apps

Plan Tracker

Plan Tracker is a national NDIS plan manager and self-management app that allows you to budget, plan and track your NDIS funds.

The application comes with a whole heap of useful features to help you plan how to spend your funds, track when you have claimed and paid providers, record your supports and view your budgets in an easy-to-read graph format.

Available on: iOS and Android

What it costs: Prices start at $15/month.

Who it’s for: Plan Tracker can be used by those who want to keep track of their NDIS funding.


The HealthNow app allows users to search for a suitable medical provider for a video or phone consultation from the database using either their location, searching a specific area or by typing the name of the medical specialist.

The application will generate a list of the top providers that fit the criteria of the user.  Once the user has selected a suitable medical provider, they will then have the option to view the location of the medical facility on a map, make a call to book an appointment and connect the app to your Australian Government My Health Record.

Available on: iOS and Android

What it costs: Free

Who it’s for: HealthNow offers a streamlined service for those looking to simplify appointment booking and receive online consultations.

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