Are You Taking Part in the MS Readathon One Month Challenge?

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Wouldn’t it feel great to know that your child helped others with their act of kindness? MS Readathon 2020 is running for the whole month of August and is a great way to encourage children to start reading at a young age while also teaching them about the importance of being charitable.

Multiple Sclerosis Australia (MSA) has organised the challenge with a vision for all children in Australia to be given the opportunity to develop their own love of reading, which will continue to benefit them throughout their lives. Kids often have a lack of motivation for reading, but MS Readathon encourages them to pick up a book to help those living with Multiple Sclerosis.

What is the MS Readathon?

What is the MS Readathon?

Since the MS Readathon’s inception in 1978, children across Australia have read millions of books and raised much-needed funds to help with multiple sclerosis research and provide programs and services to individuals with multiple sclerosis and their families.

With no known cure for multiple sclerosis, the money raised through the MS Readathon can help make a difference by providing essential support services and continuing research for finding a cure.

The money raised by the MS Readathon will also fund MS Family Camps, which provide an opportunity for children who have a parent living with multiple sclerosis to spend quality family time together, learn about MS and make friendships with other children who also have a family member living with multiple sclerosis.

Are You Taking Part in the MS Readathon One Month Challenge? | MS Readathon

MS Readathon inspires children to read

Readathons are more than just a fundraising opportunity. They encourage children to get lost in a good book, where they explore another world and learn from the adventures of the characters in their story.

The MS Readathon encourages children to pick up a book by giving them a purpose to read, combined with the freedom to choose what they read, on their own terms, free from the pressures of school assessment.

Are You Taking Part in the MS Readathon One Month Challenge? | MS Readathon

What books can kids read?

Children can read anything and everything, from short stories to blogs, comics to classic novels. There are no rules, no book list to get through and no reading targets to reach.

For children to love reading, they must enjoy the topic – be it a poetry book, recipe guidelines or the lyrics of their favourite musician! This means that MS Readathon is accessible to avid bookworms and reluctant readers alike.

Need some reading inspiration? MS Readathon has a list of books in their Reading Corner that kids will love.

Are You Taking Part in the MS Readathon One Month Challenge? | MS Readathon

A modern approach to the MS Readathon

To make the reading challenge as fun and engaging as possible, a brand new website has been launched to go along with this year’s MS Readathon.

While many of us love to sit down with a classic, children prefer a more modern approach to reading. MS Readathon’s new interactive website is designed to encourage kids to share their love of books through reviews and rating their favourite reads.

The more books kids log, the more Reward Badges they will collect. To give them extra encouragement, kids can even finish the Premiers Reading Challenge on the MS Readathon website!

Are You Taking Part in the MS Readathon One Month Challenge? | MS Readathon

How the MS Readathon works

Both big and small bookworms are welcome to take part in the MS Readathon. It doesn’t matter if you only read one book or every book in the library. Every book will bring your child on a new adventure and every book finished will support people living with MS in Australia.

Taking part in the MS Readathon couldn’t be easier. Here’s how it works;

  • Register online and MS Readathon will send you information on everything you need for the challenge.
  • Every child is free to choose whatever they want. They can read as many or as few books as they want.
  • Children should ask their friends, family and known neighbours to sponsor them.
  • The kids can then get to work reading as many books as they can during the month of August. This includes: biographies, comics, fairy tales, blogs, etc
Are You Taking Part in the MS Readathon One Month Challenge? | MS Readathon

How to register for the MS Readathon 2020?

You can join us on this adventure by donating to the MS Readathon project, organising for your own children to take part or by bringing the magic of books to life in your classroom.

By taking part in the MS Readathon, kids will not only develop a love of reading; the money raised will help people living with multiple sclerosis.  As an extra incentive, there are some great rewards up for grabs, including a BIG4 Holiday Parks package worth $4,990, book packs and 6-month subscription to Bookabuy.

You can register as a child, adult, class or community group on the MS Readathon website to start your epic reading adventure.

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