Fun Spring Activities for the Elderly

Fun Spring Activities for the Elderly - ConnectAbility Australia

Spring is the best season to go out for a pleasant stroll in nature. The fresh weather gives a release from the cold winter, and this is the ideal time to go out and watch everything come to life. Everyone deserves to experience nature in its full bloom during spring, and the elderly even more so, since spring has so much to offer.

There are many activities that the elderly can enjoy during springtime. As you may have guessed, a vast majority of these have to do with the outdoors, and with good reason. Going outdoors in this season has many benefits. Exercise, entertainment, and quality time are just some of these. Who knew that an outdoor stroll can bring about so many positive effects?

12 fun spring activities for the elderly

If you’re looking for great activities that those of more advanced age can enjoy during the spring, then you’re in luck. Here is a list of 12 fun spring activities for the elderly.

Fun Spring Activities for the Elderly | Spring

1. An outdoor stroll with nature.

Like what we said earlier, spring is the best time to take an outdoor stroll to enjoy nature. The weather’s fresh, the flowers are in full bloom, the greenery is springing up, and all the birds are singing. Spring is definitely the best time to enjoy all these no matter what age you may be.

2. Lounge around in a park.

Sometimes, the best thing to do is to do nothing at all. If you want just to relax and enjoy the sunshine, then why not find a beautiful spot in the park? Maybe a little park bench or a patch of grass where you can nibble on a homemade sandwich, sitting or lying in the sunshine is a great way to relax and just enjoy.

3. Get a coffee or tea al fresco.

Getting a coffee or a tea in an al fresco café or restaurant during winter does not sound like an enjoyable experience for the elderly. Once winter has passed, why not try sipping on some tea outside? The weather’s not too hot for tea or coffee, so this is a perfect plan. This is a great way to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

4. Take the dog out on a walk.

If you want something a little more active than just sitting around and eating or sipping on tea, why not take old Spot out for a stroll? Not only are you both getting more of that much-needed exercise, but studies have also suggested that people who bond with their pets are generally happier than those who do not. What’s a better way to bond with your dog than to go for a nice walk outside?

Fun Spring Activities for the Elderly | Spring

5. Take the grandkids to the playground.

If you have grandkids, now is the perfect time to take them to the local playground. Taking a bunch of screaming kids out for a walk and some playtime may not sound relaxing, but nothing can stop them being the adorable little buggers that they are.

Fun Spring Activities for the Elderly | Spring

6. Plant some new blooms in the garden.

Spring means that new plants are popping up everywhere, so it’s an excellent time to join in and plant some seeds. Gardening is quite a relaxing activity if you have the patience for it, and if you don’t mind getting your hands a bit dirty. It’s also quite fulfilling to see your plants bloom, or your trees bear fruit. Maybe it’s not too late to discover that you have a green thumb. Go out and plant something now!

Fun Spring Activities for the Elderly | Spring

7. Grab a fishing rod and go fishing.

Fishing is both relaxing and intense. If you’re into those, then maybe this activity’s for you. It involves a lot of waiting, and can quickly get physical when the fish finally bites. If you’re looking for something both relaxing and exciting, then grab a fishing rod and head to the local pond today.

8. Visit the farmer’s market.

The farmer’s market will be fully stocked with the fresh spring produce you’ve missed over winter. Even if you’re not hankering for a nice salad, a visit to the farmer’s market is definitely an experience that everyone should try out. All the colours and the bustling activity of a farmer’s market is a great way to de-stress and enjoy life.

9. Decorate the house.

It’s a great time to give the home a splash of colour? Springtime represents new life, so why not give your home a bit of new life too since spring is here? There are a lot of fun spring decorations you can do to give your home some new life. And while we’re on the subject…

10. Make some spring-themed arts and crafts.

Spring-themed arts and crafts are a great way of decorating the home and can be a nice gift idea that everyone can appreciate. You don’t have to spend a fortune on decorating the house if you’ll be doing the handiwork yourself. What’s not to like about this one? It keeps you sharp, entertained, and you save money too.

Fun Spring Activities for the Elderly | Spring

11. Go birdwatching.

Spring is also a great time to go birdwatching. You don’t have to be a professional to do it – all you need is a pair of binoculars and a sweet spot where you can sit back, relax, and watch nature’s feathery jukeboxes.

12. Do a spot of spring cleaning.

We’re not talking about a whole-dusting down and renovation of your home. Just a bit of decluttering that will help you relax, keep you entertained, and also give you a bit of exercise.

If you are looking for additional activities, ConnectAbility can help! ConnectAbility Australia is a not for profit organisation with over 25 years of experience in providing Aged Care support in the Newcastle area. This support includes the ConnectAbility Friendship Club. This group participates in enjoyable morning teas, nutritious lunches and various other exciting activities. The Friendship Club members are encouraged to make new connections, keep socially active and are given the opportunity to pursue their passions and interests.

If you are interested in learning more about ConnectAbility Australia and their Friendship Club, please contact them on 02 4962 1000 or check out the website at

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