How Can ConnectAbility Help Individuals Living With Disabilities?

ConnectAbility Australia

How Can ConnectAbility Help Individuals Living With Disabilities? |

Who are We?

Founded in 1992, ConnectAbility Australia is an organisation providing opportunities and access to services, events and facilities for the aged care, disability support and family counselling sector. The focus of ConnectAbility is centred on the individuals and their specific needs. They acknowledge that every individual has different circumstances, history and is looking to improve their future. ConnectAbility runs on a “RESPECT’ value model, giving them the opportunity to build and grow the lives of individuals for tomorrow.









How can ConnectAbility Help Individuals Living with Disabilities?

How Can ConnectAbility Help Individuals Living With Disabilities? |

NDIS Support

ConnectAbility Australia is an accredited NDIS provider. The National Disability Support Scheme was launched in July 2013 to provide disability support services to assist people living with disability. The NDIS was the largest government reform in decades and aims to provide a life long supported approach to managing disability support within Australia. Being a NDIS provider means that ConnectAbility Australia can assist with delivering individual support services funded by the Australian government. Each individual is assessed for their individual needs and funding is allocated to be spent where necessary. ConnectAbility Australia can assist by helping you through the process of getting NDIS funding and recommendations on where allocated funding can be utilised.

How Can ConnectAbility Help Individuals Living With Disabilities? |

Domestic and Household Assistance

ConnectAbility Australia can assist with domestic and household activities such as vacuuming, ironing, washing, dusting, general cleaning and maintenance. This assistance can be highly beneficial to individuals living with a disability as it takes the unnecessary pressure off the individual to complete these tasks. ConnectAbility Australia can also assist with teaching individuals how to utilise household appliances which can help gain independence while still feeling supported.

How Can ConnectAbility Help Individuals Living With Disabilities? |

Community Activities and Involvement

ConnectAbility Australia can help individuals with a disability to get out and try something new and improved in the community. This may include;

  • Sporting or recreational activities such as swimming classes and lessons, ten pin bowling, laser tag or rugby league competitions. The aim is to improve the general health and wellbeing using physical activities and sport.
  • Community involvement such as providing access to community festivals and fairs or outdoor events such as open-air cinemas. ConnectAbility assist with not only practical applications such as volunteering and participating but also logistical arrangements such as transport to and from the community events.
  • Volunteering opportunities such as involvement in the mens shed, meals on wheels or salvation army appeals. It is about giving individuals a sense of purpose and getting them out in the community by lending a hand. This helps individuals with disabilities gain skills and abilities to be confident in future endeavours and help the community.
  • Holidays including planning and support services to have the dream holiday that you have always wanted

How Can ConnectAbility Help Individuals Living With Disabilities? |

Reach out to the team at ConnectAbility Australia

ConnectAbility Australia welcomes, listens and respects every individual. They strive to create connections and opportunities for individuals living with disabilities. They believe that every individual is entitled to enjoy life and have the best life possible. Let ConnectAbility Australia help you achieve your lifetime goals and independence. Contact them today to see if they can make your dreams come true.

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