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ConnectAbility Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that can help you if you need disability support services in Port Stephens.

Whatever your disability, ConnectAbility Australia will identify services that will help you to live the best life possible. We aim to create a network of support for adults and children with disabilities while considering their individual needs.

We are a National Disability Insurance Scheme provider in Port Stephens

We are a National Disability Insurance (NDIS) provider that promotes community-based programs and services to people with disabilities and their families in New South Wales.

Our organisational delivers a wide range of disability support services throughout Port Stephens including independent living and life skills development, aged-care support, family support, residential services and other kinds of individualised services.

ConnectAbility Australia can help you to access a number of supports and services that are funded by the NDIS. Some of the main disability support services in Port Stephens include:

Disability Services Port Stephens | Disability Service
Disability Services Port Stephens | Disability Service
Disability Services Port Stephens | Disability Service

Independent living and life skills development

If you’re an adult with a disability, living independently can be a challenge. If you’re the parent, guardian or caregiver of an adult with a disability, helping them move towards their goal of self-sufficiency can be just as challenging.

Life skills development services and activities can assist people with disabilities to live more independently in their home and community. ConnectAbility Australia provides one-on-one guidance to help you and your family with this transition by creating an independent living skills plan.

What is included in an independent living skills plan?

Each plan is designed to assist people with disabilities in achieving the greatest level of independence possible within their community.

Independent living plans are self-directed, meaning that individuals have full control over the disability services in Port Stephens that they receive through person-centred planning. Despite being tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual, a typical independent living skills plan includes:

Medical Alerts – Do I Need One? - Disability Services & Aged Care Support - ConnectAbility
Disability Services Port Stephens | Disability Service

Aged-care support services in port Stephens

ConnectAbility Australia helps older people and their family members or other caregivers to receive the services and assistance they need to locate and access community groups and aged-care services in Port Stephens.

The aged-care disability services we provide in Port Stephens are designed to enhance the quality of an individual’s life and to allow them the opportunity to maintain their quality of life in the least restrictive environment possible.

Some of the aged-care services in Port Stephens that we can assist with include:

Do you need disability services in Port Stephens?

ConnectAbility Australia is dedicated to helping solve some of the issues in our communities by delivering life-changing services for residents of Port Stephens to overcome the challenges associated with living with disabilities.

Give us a call so we can set up a meeting with a Local Area Coordinator (LAC) who can help you to evaluate which disability services in Port Stephens would benefit you the most. By having a friendly meeting with individuals and their family members, we can identify the personal goals and needs of participants so that they can be provided with the most appropriate disability services in Port Stephens.

If you are interested in any of our disability support services in Port Stephens, call us on 02 4962 1000, fill in our online contact form or send us an email at and one of our support coordinators will contact you shortly.

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